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Saturday, March 22, 2014


There was a crowd in the doctor’s waiting room: An elderly gentleman rose and approached the receptionist. “Madam,” he said courteously, “my appointment was for ten o’clock and it is almost eleven now. I cannot wait any longer. Would you kindly give me an appointment for another day?”

One woman in the crowd leaned over to another and said, “He must be at least eighty years old. What sort of urgent business can he have that he cannot afford to wait?”

The man overheard the whispered remark. He turned to the lady, bowed and said, “I am eighty-seven years old, lady. Which is precisely the reason why I cannot afford to waste a single minute of the precious time I have left.”
The enlightened do not waste a minute because they have understood the relative unimportance of everything they do.
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