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Sunday, February 23, 2014

COMMUNICATING WITH GOD shared by Marie Menezes

One day a construction supervisor from 6th floor of a building was calling a worker working on the ground floor. Because of construction noise, the worker on the ground floor could not hear his supervisor calling.

Then to draw the attention of the worker, the supervisor threw a 10 rupee note from up, which fell right in front of the worker. The worker picked up the 10 rupee note, put it in his pocket & started his work.

Again to draw the attention of the worker, the supervisor now threw a 500 rupee note. The worker picked up the 500 rupee note, put it in his pocket & continued doing his job.

... Now the supervisor picked a small stone & threw it on the worker to draw his attention. The stone hit the worker exactly on his head. This time the worker looked up & the supervisor communicated with him.
This story relates to our life in a similar manner:
Our God wants to communicate with us, but we are busy doing our work. God gives us small gifts & we happily keep it. Then God gives us bigger amounts/gifts & and we take it for granted without even acknowledging or thanking God. We just say we are LUCKY!

Then when we are hit with what we call 'problems', we look up & communicate with God.

So every time you get a gift or get saved by His divine grace......acknowledge His blessings, and don't wait till you are hit by a problem to communicate with God....

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