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Saturday, April 12, 2014


A man went to a psychiatrist. "Every night when i get into bed," he said, "I have the conviction that there is someone under the bed. I get up, but there's never anyone there. When I get under the bed to check, I get the idea that there is someone on top of the bed. But there is never anyone on top of it either. So it goes on all night long - either someone under the bed or on top of it, depending on where I am. Its driving me out of my mind."

The psychiatrist told the man that he could be helped if he agreed to come for two visits a week at $100 per visit, for a two-year period.

"That is an awful lot of money for a man of my means," said the patient. 'I'll have to talk that over with my wife and let you know."

The next week the patient phoned the psychiatrist and told him that his wife had solved the problem. "My wife," he explained, "decided to cut the legs off the bed."
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