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Thursday, February 20, 2014


A grandmother and her young granddaughter are walking down a busy city street. They pass by a homeless man. He is sitting against the cold granite wall of a high rise building. The man doesn't have a sign, or a cup for begging; He is busily making roses from palm leaves. There are three roses beside him.

The grandmother stops and asks if she could buy one of the beautiful handmade roses. The homeless man smiles and says, "For you kind Lady, it is free." The grandmother takes out her purse and gives the homeless man $5.

As they walk away, the young girl asks her grandmother, "Why did you give him money? He will probably just buy beer and cigarettes."

The grandmother replies, " My dear, it may be his nature to take the money and buy beer and cigarettes, but it is my nature to help a man in need."

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