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Sunday, May 18, 2014


In a very respectable hotel an old fellow in charge of the cloak room had been in the job for years and never bothered to give a ticket when coats were handed over to him.

A reporter got interested in him and asked the manager how the old man was able to keep track of so many courts without dockets.

“Oh, don’t worry about old Ted. He’s been doing that job for years, Never had a complaint,” said the manager.

The reporter decided to put him to the test on the next busy Saturday night. When leaving he asked for his coat and when he received one, he said, “How do you know if this is my coat?”

“I don’t,” replied Ted.

“Then why did you give it to me?” asked the reporter with a hint of triumph.

“Because that’s the coat you gave to me, sir,” said Ted.
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