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Monday, March 17, 2014


A fourteen-year old boy announced at dinner one evening that he had been chosen to teach his class the next day. His father who was an expert in Instructional Methods for the military seized this wonderful occasion to give his son the benefit of his own training and experience.

“This is the way we go about it in the army, son,” he said. “We first choose objectives made up of action, situation and level of performance. Now decide ahead of time what ACTION you want your students to per­form, in what SITUATION you want them to perform it and. finally HOW WELL you wish them to perform. And remember, all education must be directed at performance, performance, performance.”

The boy wasn’t impressed. All he said was, “It won’t work, Dad.”

“Of course it will. It always works. Why would it no! work?”

“Because,” said the young fellow. “I’m supposed to give a class on sex.”
We must be careful of deciding ahead of time what the other is talking about!
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