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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Recombobulation Area
After travelers go through the security scanners at Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport they are greeted with a sign inviting them to use their Recombobulation Area. It is nothing special—only a patch of carpet with a few chairs—but it is the thought that counts.

Why does your word processor put a squiggley red line underneath the word ‘recombobulation? Mainly, because it is not a word, or not yet. Recombobulation is about restoring all that occurs when we suffer from discombobulation which this word processor also doesn’t recognize. Discombobulation is defined in more authoritative dictionaries as: Becoming upset, confused, bewildered, an embarrassing feeling that leaves a person confused, frustrated.

In short, discombobulation is the feeling we often experience when we go through airport scanners after taking off our belt, shoes and other garments and are then frisked, prodded and poked. You know the feeling? That’s discombobulation.

Recombobulation is a Gift
So what a gift to be able to take your shoes and belt and other personal items and sit down and be recombobulated. What a wonderful gift at the Milwaukee airport! What an apt word to describe the putting together that one needs at airports, shopping malls and after negotiating busy roads.

Create Recombobulation Areas
Recombobulation Areas. Why restrict these only to airports? Create a recombobulation area at your work, at your shop, in your place of worship, at your school and in your home.

Make Recombobulation Times
Take the recombobulation idea further and create some recombobulation time in the midst of your busy day, as a preventative measure against discombobulation or especially after you have been chronically discombobulated!

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